Episode InfoEdit

Episode #142 - Season 6, Episode 24

First Aired: March 13, 1988


A new student (played by Darrell Thomas Utley) in Andy's kindergarten is deaf, and because some of the kids tease him, Andy decides not to talk.  Skippy also makes friend with the deaf boy, Josh.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Alex relates a poem he wrote to Marjorie Henson when he was in kindergarten: "Roses are red, Violets are blue, I'm into porkbellies, Should I buy some for you?"
  • Josh is introduced to Alex for the first time.  He makes a sign, and Alex asks his mother what he said.  She replies, "He says you like money."  Alex replies, "So Andy mentioned me to you?"


  • Alex asks Andy's teacher, Miss Metcalf (played by Terri Hanauer) about a grade change he has been petitioning for from the time he was in kindergarten.  She reports that his teacher at the time, Mrs. Wills, has died.  In "Remembrances of Things Past", Alex says his kindergarten teacher's name was "Miss McCullough".
  • One of the boys who teases Josh is a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
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