Episode InfoEdit

Episode #160 - Season 7, Episode 16

First Aired: March 5, 1989


Jennifer and Simon are partnered together for a school project, and he is as in love with her as ever before.  She, of course, does not return his feelings.  As part of the project, the two get jobs at a local fast food restaurant. Jennifer excels to a promotion, and Simon is put on probation for poor work quality, creating a rift in their "relationship".

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Apparently, Steven and Alex are both scared of the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz .
  • Alex has a young papergirl who is attracted to him, who inexplicably says, "Alex, I is your woman now." (an apparent homage to Porgy and Bessthough the connection isn't clear).
  • Andy checks out Marla, the papergirl, and she says to him, "Scram, kid. I don't go for tots.",



  • Jason Naylor reprises his role as Simon first seen in "Dream Date".
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