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Episode Info[]

Episode #28 - Season 2, Episode 6

First Aired: November 9, 1983

Title: A "speed trap" catches speeding drivers, whereas Alex gets trapped by Speed.


Alex is studying for midterms, writing multiple term papers, and studying for the state scholarship exam and is under great pressure to do well.  With his workload, he pressures Mallory to get some amphetamines from her obese friend Effie Blatts, which Mallory reluctantly does. In exchange, Alex has to agree to take Effie on a date, after all the exams are over. The drugs throw Alex into a frenzy of academic and household activity, and he finds success with his term papers and exams. However, his attitude becomes increasingly erratic, and takes its toll on the family. He even goes so far as to attack Mallory and steal her purse, to obtain more pills, as she refuses to give him more. The night before the state scholarship exam, Steve, who had experimented with amphetamines in college, realizes what's going on, and starts to lecture Alex on the dangers of drug use. But Alex then ends up passing out, and ends up sleeping through his scholarship exam, having experienced the inevitable crash landing of amphetamines. At this point, Alex finally realizes the error of his ways and apologizes to Mallory and the rest of his family for his behavior while under the influence of the drugs. His family forgives him, but Mallory reminds him of his date with Effie.


  • Alex's History Term Paper is called: "Herbert Hoover - The Lost Savior" (Archie Bunker would agree: "Mister, we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again..." (All in the Family theme song).
  • Alex has a talk with Richard Nixon as he decides what to do with the pills.
  • One of Steven's roommates in college was Roland Koonikowski.
  • This episode features Monopoly as the Keaton family Board Game.