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Episode #140 - Season 6, Episode 22

First Aired: February 28, 1988


A former neighbor, Evelyn (played by Constance McAshin ) visits from New York City.  Her daughter used to be Mallory's friend, but recently commtted suicide.  Evelyn shows unusual interest in Mallory.  Steven finds a box of magic items and tries the tricks with the family.

Funny Moments[]

  • Parts of this episode are used as flashbacks in "Wrap Around the Clock".
  • Steven says: "What I really need is a straitjacket."
  • The line of handkerchiefs coming out of Steven's pocket.  (He looks off-stage, like he's looking at a monitor to see that the effect is right)
  • Steven makes Jennifer disappear in a magic box.  Such great stage antics.  
  • Andy's asleep from the act.  Steven says, "Levitatos, El Nino." (perhaps a play on the climate phenomenon)