Episode InfoEdit

Episode #87 - Season 4, Episode 20

First Aired: March 2, 1986


Steven wants to enroll a too-young Andrew into preschool, which Elyse opposes.  Alex gets a position as a teaching assistant for Freshman Economics and convinces Ellen to stay in the section that he is teaching (despite her reasonable objections). When Alex gives Ellen a C- on a paper, she recognizes that she needs to be a different student (much to Alex's displeasure).

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Steven does a classic facial gesture when he wants to talk to Elyse without Andy overhearing them.
  • Alex has a great answering machine message (and does even better at fast-forward review of Mallory's calls).
  • Alex uses the textbook: Money - Keep It Coming.
  • Mallory says on the answering machine "[Alex] doesn't live here anymore", also the title of the series finale.
  • Professor Spanos (played by Macon McCalman) provides some good comic relief to a tense situation.


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