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Episode Info Episode #131 - Season 6, Episode 13

First Aired: December 13, 1987


Lauren does a term paper on the typical American family, and chooses the Keatons as a case study.  They share with her many stories from the past.


  • "Here We Go Again" - Steven and Elyse discuss a new pregnancy after so many years since the last one.
  • "Birth of a Keaton" - The arrival of Andrew Keaton into the world.
  • "Cry Baby" - The effects of a new baby on the family.
  • "Designated Hitter" - Alex holds up a picture of Ronald Reagan in front of Andrew's bassinet.
  • "Mrs. Wrong" - Elyse and Andrew look through a photo album ("Alex is King")
  • "My Back Pages" - Andrew says, "Alex, come quick, gold closed at 415."
  • "Be True to Your Preschool" - Andrew's first day of preschool
  • "My Buddy" - Steven takes Jennifer to the Sunflower Girls meeting.
  • "Paper Chase" - Mallory may not graduate from high school.
  • "Baby Boy Doe" - Skippy finds out he's adopted, and the Keatons support him.
  • "Just One Look" - An old friend causes Steven to be jealous when he finds out Elyse used to date him.
  • "Mr. Wrong" - Elyse feeds Alex to try to get Andrew to eat.
  • "Oh, Brother" - What it means to be brothers.
  • "Mr. Right" - Alex tells Nick how to fit in.  Be like Alex.
  • "My Tutor" - Alex and Jennifer bargain on what it will take for Jennifer to go out with Eugene.
  • "Don't Go Changin'"- Steven says he and Elyse get along so well because he never gets his way.
  • "Fool for Love" - Skippy tells Mallory how he had planned their wedding and honeymoon.
  • "Mr. Wrong" - Steven tells Mallory they've given Alex more freedom in relationships because he's a boy.
  • "Mr. Wrong" - Nick's first dinner with the family
  • "My Tutor" - Mallory finds generic shampoo in the shower.  Family's cutting back.
  • [unknown episode] - Steven says to Alex, "It's family, Alex.  You can't escape it." (same episode used again later) - Jennifer's 11, Alex 18
  • "Starting Over" - Alex in a Don Johnson style suit - "I'm hip, I'm cool, I'm a happenin' fool."   (Interestingly, this line is remembered and quoted all over the Internet.)
  • a quick montage from several episodes finishes the show (lots of "I love you"s.)  Finishes with the end of "Battle of the Sexes".