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Episode Info

Episode #136 - Season 6, Episode 18

First Aired: January 24, 1988


Alex is working the radio station at Leland (WLEL) doing a show called "Syncopated Money". Alex announces a song "I Feel So Good" by Eddie Dupre (a fictional blues musician - that Alex thinks is dead - played on the show by Brownie McGhee).  Eddie comes on Alex's show, but the session is not exactly what Alex had been expecting.  Everyone encourages Eddie to come out of retirement, and though he was unwilling initially, he finally relents.

Funny Moments[]

  • Alex's on-air handle is "Alex Keaton - He's So Cute"
  • Alex has Ella Fitgerald and Milton Friedman discussing each other's specialties as part of his radio program (and singing together "Bess, You Is My Woman Now " by George Gershwin , which incidentally is a duet).
  • Mallory and her love of MTV .
  • Steven and Elyse plan a musical interlude (from Steven's trilogy he wrote at Berkeley ) for Mr. Dupre.

Songs Mentioned On-Air by Alex[]

  • "I Feel So Good" is probably the 1941 version written and performed by Big Bill Broonzy (see YouTube )
  • Blind Lemon Jefferson sings "Going to the Country" (which Alex says was recorded April 17, 1936.  Unfortunately, Mr. Jefferson died in 1929.)
  • "John Henry" (various versions have been recorded)