Episode InfoEdit

Episode #93 - Season 5, Episode 3

First Aired: October 9, 1986


Steven's lawyer has suggested that he and Elyse write their wills.  Elyse is away at a convention, and Alex wants to get involved in the financial planning for the future.  Mallory and Margaret Hobbs (played by Julie Harris) work on a sociology project together.  Mallory is uncomfortable because Margaret is older, and she'd rather be partnered with a younger, snobbier girl.  Mallory gets Skippy to switch partners with her (and Margaret quits the class because of this).

Funny MomentsEdit

  • To help Steven with the will, Alex gets him the book Burying Your Parents for Profit.
  • Skippy's comments about the conversations he has with his aunt.


  • Mallory calls her partner "Margaret Hobbs", but the credits call her "Margaret Hollings".
  • Meredith Baxter Birney does not appear in this episode.
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