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Episode Info[]

Episode #45 - Season 3, Episode 1

First Aired: September 20, 1984

Title:  Kenny Rogers had a popular album and song "The Gambler" in the late 1970s and early 1980s.


The Keatons are going to Atlantic City so that Elyse can give a speech at an architects' convention. And though they're not there to gamble, Alex has a sure-fire method to win at Blackjack.  Alex convinces them to learn his system, and Elyse has a big win ($1263).  She returns to the tables and becomes obsessed to the point of skipping her conference (She had Mallory give her speech).  She ends up winning big money but feeling very empty with her life.

Funny Moments[]

  • Jennifer is dealing Blackjack (the game of the episode) and says (giving a card to Mallory), "One for the little lady", (and to Alex), "One for the little man."



  • Parts of this episode are used as flashbacks in "Wrap Around the Clock".
  • Mallory is excited that Tom Jones is appearing in their hotel (and missights him twice)