Episode Info[edit | edit source]

Episode #42 - Season 2, Episode 20

First Aired: March 15, 1984

Plot[edit | edit source]

Alex and Rachel are studying for their last exams at Harding High School.  Alex is practicing his valedictory speech, though others could still be chosen ahead of him.  Later, however, Alex has a crisis when Rachel is chosen for the spot.  They have a bitter argument when she asks for his help on the speech.  Alex has to come to terms with Rachel and their relationship in light of all that's happened.

Funny Moments[edit | edit source]

  • In his jealousy, as Alex reviews Rachel's rough draft for the valedictory speech, all he can find to criticize is a split infinitive.  (He says there are several in the draft and also in her speech.)
  • At an awkward moment of trying to talk to Steven, Alex suggests that the Cleveland Browns are going to miss Brian Sipe the following year (see below).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Others that might be up for valedictorian: Rachel, Mark Blittman, and the Kowalik sisters.
  • Rachel lists off all the girls Alex had been thinking about before her:  Joceyln Clark (in "Double Date"), Deena Marx ("Ladies' Man"), Carrie Newman ("Tender is the Knight"), and Diane Edwards.
  • Steven gives Alex a watch for graduation that his father had given to him.
  • Talking football, the Cleveland Browns did indeed lose Brian Sipe as he defected to the upstart (but short-lived) United States Football League.  The Browns named Paul McDonald the new starting quarterback (and went 5-11 in 1984).  Lucky for them, Bernie Kosar came along for the 1985 season.
  • Terry Wills appears in one of his seven episodes of the show.
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