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Episode Info[]

Episode #24 - Season 2, Episode 2

First Aired: October 12, 1983


Jeff is returning home from Princeton, and Mallory is worried that Jeff won't like her as much as he did when he left.  Jeff confesses to Alex that he hates Princeton and doesn't want to be there.  He does, however, ask Mallory to go steady (using his French club pin) - though Steven and Elyse are uncertain.  At the dance, Jeff pays more attention to the school than to Mallory.  Jeff decides to return to Princeton.

Funny Moments[]

Alex's descriptions of Inga (though she's never seen on screen):

  • Speaks fluent Latvian
  • Member of the Future Farmers of America
  • He needs a break at the dance: "My legs are buckling.  I don't do the plowing that you do."
  • She threatened to hog-tie the band if they took a break.  [Alex answers to the call "Sooey, Sooey!"]
  • "Boy, can that girl bail hay."
  • "She's contributing to the breadbasket of America."


  • When Jeff first arrives, Mallory is uncomfortable at Jeff's jokes, then she catches up, and says, "Boola.  Boola", which unfortunately for her is a Yale University fight song.
  • First mention of Grant College (Jeff's intended school to transfer to).  Alex retorts to mallory: "That's not a real school.  You could get into Grant College."  (Both she and Skippy do.  Their first day is in "Be True to Your Preschool".)
  • Alex speaks to his Homecoming Date's pig on the phone: "Sooey!  Sooey!"