Episode InfoEdit

Episode #156 - Season 7, Episode 12

First Aired: February 5, 1989


While Alex is looking for a job, his friend Paul (played by Billy Morrissette ) recommends him for a position at the investment firm when he works.  Then, when Alex is very impressive at the interview, Paul gets fired, and Alex must decide between his job and his friend.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Alex and Paul have a great conversation about economics
  • Steven compares Alex to Mr. Magoo (and perhaps with good reason).
  • Steven expels the water out of Elyse's lungs (a faux drowning victim).
  • A nice exchange between Andy and his parents on human reproduction (with the words of "Birds do it, bees do it, educated fleas do it" included).


  • Billy Morrissette played a waiter in "Heartstrings - Part 1".
  • Before Alex gets interviewed, he enters the office of a woman speaking harshly into the phone.  It turns out to be her mother.  A similar gag was used in "Margin of Error " at the brokerage house.
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