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Episode Info[]

Episode #73 - Season 4, Episode 6

First Aired: November 7, 1985


Steven and Elyse try to get Mallory interested in college because she really doesn’t want to go. She plans instead to work her way up the chain of command at the clothes store.  Unfortunately, she hasn't found a way to break the news to her mother (at least not until she's at a college interview).  And it's Nick of all people that convinces her that college is a good idea.

Funny Moments[]

  • Nick got Andrew to sleep by reading him Motorcycle Maintenance, Volume 1.
  • Mallory lists several successful people that never went to college: Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, and Moses.


  • College catalogs come from Ohio State and Rutgers.
  • Elyse mentions Pembroke (probably not this one), but likely something local.
  • Elyse recites Mallory's poem from third grade: "Snow is falling all around / From the sky down to the ground / Never the other way around."
  • See the Nick and Alex page.