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Episode # 68-69, Season 4, Episodes 1 and 2

First Aired: September 25, 1985 and October 3, 1985


Alex poses as a member of the "Sophomore Hospitality Committee" in order to meet the prettiest new female students at Leland.  While trying to meet Tricia Armstrong (played by Suzanne Snyder), he instead meets her roommate Ellen Reed (played by Tracy Pollan) and is inexplicably attracted to her..  She is, however, engaged to be married (to a senior at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA).  There is clearly an attraction between them, and then Ellen announces that she is going to Lancaster to get married. 

In Part II, Alex is taking an essay exam on the Ming Dynasty, and instead daydreams about he and Ellen spending time together (not seen in Part I).  He never completes the essay.  When Ellen leaves for Lancaster, Alex chases after her all night on the train trying to stop her.


Alex:  And you know what type I am.  You've got me all figured out.

Ellen:  Let me take a shot.  You're an Economics major. [Alex coughs]   You voted for Reagan.  You're in the Debating and Young Executives Club.  And you wear a jacket and tie everywhere you go.

Alex:  Ha!  That just shows what you know.  I quit the Debating Club last spring.


Alex:  I wear a jacket and tie everywhere I go.  Except train stations at three in the morning, in which case I wear a tuxedo.



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