Episode Info Episode #135 - Season 6, Episode 17

First Aired: January 17, 1988


After seeing a commercial on TV, Andy decides that he wants to be a dog.  Meanwhile, Nick sells one of his sculptures, which causes Alex to believe that Nick's art is worth something. And then he gets the idea that Nick should mass produce them.  Nick, however, doesn't see his artwork that way.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Alex suggests (incorrectly) that Leonardo da Vinci also created Mona Beth, Mona Kathy, and Mona Mona (on the same day he did the Mona Lisa .


  • Nick says they're going to the flea market.  However, the subtitles say "flee market".
  • Production assistant Robert Schanche appears in this episode.
  • Terry Wills appears in one of his seven episodes of the show.
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