Episode InfoEdit

Episode #32 - Season 2, Episode 10

First Aired: December 21, 1983

Title:  Probably a play on the thriller "To Catch a Thief".


Long-time friend Richard (played by James Sutorius) and his son Keith (played by David Faustino) are visiting after a bitter divorce from Cynthia (played by Donna McKechnie) and custody battle.  Cynthia is taking Keith and moving to San Diego.  Steven and Elyse clumsily attempt to mediate some of the problems between Richard and Cynthia.  And while outside for a smoke break, Richard leaves with Keith.  Steven meets Richard in a seedy restaurant to help him decide how to handle the situation.  Not moved by anything Steven has to say, Richard and Keith leave the restaurant.

Funny MomentsEdit


  • Featured in the opening credits:  Steven holding the yellow phone about to make up with Elyse.
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