Lots of great jokes on Family Ties come from the programming put on the air by Steven's PBS station WKS.  For example:

Episode Program
I Gotta Be Ming "Oh, My Ohio" (Jennifer loved the episode  about highway repair)
Elyse D'Arc "The Egret's Regret" (a wildlife series)
Not an Affair to Remember "Giants of the White House" (Steven selects Calvin Coolidge for episode one: "Silent Cal Opens Up")
Speed Trap "The Wolverine: A Vanishing Breed"
Keaton and Son

"Oxygen - Everybody's Favorite Gas"

"The Menlo Project"

Nothing But a Man Planning a show on the plight of the Navajo Indians
The Visit "Parameciums - We're Splitting"


(Part III)

"The Salmon: From River King to Croquette"
Deja Vu "The Industrialization of Mexico - From Nacho Chip to Microchip"
Get Me to the Living Room on Time

"The Automatic Milking Machine: The Days the Cows Dried Out"

"So You Think You Know Your Hat"

Andy and the Retirees

'Til Her Daddy Takes the T-Bird Away "Floor Mats: We Never Get to Look Out the Window"
All in the Neighborhood (Part I)

A documentary comparing Reagan's presidency to Europe's Bubonic Plague

All in the Neighborhood (Part II) "Hieroglyphic Humor"
Mr. Keaton Takes a Vacation

Leo Tolstoy

"Exotic Pet Stores - How Much is That Armadillo in the Window?"

Other WKS programs

Episode Programs
Death of a Grocer "Madame Bovary "
Walking on Air

"Ohio in Review"

"Animals, Animals, Everywhere Animals"

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