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Episode Info[]

Episode #81 - Season 4, Episode 14

First Aired: January 16, 1986


Alex has been elected the Chairman of the Leland College Parent-Student Weekend Committee.  And as part of the weekend, Elyse looks forward to meeting Ellen's father (played by Ronny Cox).  She is sure that he wouldn't want to come, until he gets an invitation (from Alex - who it turns out has a lot in common with him).  Their relationship has been strained for several years, and time spent together doesn't heal all wounds but some progress is made.

Funny Moments[]

  • Alex drops his clipboard into the punch bowl when Ellen says that he knows there's more to life than making money.
  • Alex tells Ellen he ran away from home when he was six (1972).  He did it because his parents had voted for McGovern.  He says, "I couldn't stay." (He probably would have been seven years old.)  His plan was to go to Washington to live with the Nixons.


  • A screen shot from this episode where Alex and Ellen are sitting on the couch after returning from the Parent-Student Weekend party appears as the cover photo to the book Family Ties: Alex Gets the Business written by Joe Claro.
  • Alex refers to his mother as Elyse "Hacksaw" Keaton (a reference to American football player Jack "Hacksaw" Reynolds).
  • In the episode "A Christmas Story", Jennifer is born on Election Day 1972 (presumably the day Alex would have run away from home).